US Small Arms
US WWII Hand Grenades and Accessories

US hand grenades and accessories used during WWII.

Mk 2 or Mark II hand grenade used throughout WWII. A solid one-piece dummy or practice grenade used for training (left) is shown with the typical high explosive (HE) grenade (right).

Mk 2 grenades with tape around the spoon as a safety precaution in the field.

Prior to 1943, Mk 2 hand grenades were painted all yellow (for high explosive) as shown here.

Mk 2 U.S. Hand Grenade shown with the British No. 82 grenade or Gammon Bomb.

Cardboard shipping containers for grenades.

MK III Offensive Hand Grenade.

Hand Grenade carrying equipment: USMC grenade vest (top), USMC two-pocket grenade carrier (left), 1943 U.S. Army three-pocket grenade carrier (center), 1944 U.S. Army three-pocket grenade carrier (right).

Manufacturer and date on U.S. Army 1943 three-pocket grenade carrier.

Manufacturer and date on U.S. Army 1944 three-pocket grenade carrier.

Comparison of WWII USMC grenade vest (left) and US 1918 grenade vest (right).

Manufacturer and date as well as hand painted unit markings on the WWII USMC grenade vest.

Please note: all weapons, firearms, guns, mortars, launchers, ammunition, ordnance, grenades and explosives shown in the images on this site are completely inert, non-functional, non-operational, deactivated stage props for theatrical use only.

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